Paddocks and Riding Mowers

Maintaining a paddock is not easy. People do need to make sure that the paddock is not overly bare. The horses will want to graze there, and they tend to feel more comfortable in areas that have a lot of grass. However, people also can’t have their horses roaming through very tall grasses all the time.

Horses can get ticks, and running through lots of tall grass will only make a horse more susceptible to these ticks. Some horses will actually scratch their legs as they run through some very tall grass. It’s very important to make sure that the grass is cut for the sake of the horses themselves.

Some people will just hope that the horses themselves will get rid of all of this grass. However, the horses won’t necessarily be able to graze fast enough or thoroughly enough for that, and they can still get injured in some way or another in the meantime. People shouldn’t rely on their horses in order to keep the grass under control, especially when they’re maintaining the paddocks for their horses in the first place.

Most people will just use fairly basic mowers in order to control the grass in paddock spaces. They will need to make sure that they choose a mower that is large enough for the job but not too large, of course. Cutting the grass within a paddock should still be relatively easy, however.

After all, paddocks are typically flat. There aren’t a lot of features and obstacles within the paddock itself, or it wouldn’t be a good paddock for the horses. Cutting the grass in a space like that should be relatively straightforward, even for the people who are using riding mowers. They won’t need additional shortcuts.