Norfolk Holiday Cottages with Pool

Your family loves to swim when they are on holiday and you have decided that this year you want them to enjoy a pool that has some privacy. This is not easy to find in a hotel – hotel pools are often crowded and at times unsanitary. You can make this a different kind of holiday if you book a Norfolk holiday cottage with a pool. Norfolk is becoming a location of choice for those who want to enjoy a truly relaxing holiday – the English countryside offers all the fresh air and open countryside that you need to recharge.
As you book your holiday cottage you should make sure that you are getting a pool to yourselves. While some cottages have a pool for themselves, there are some facilities that have shared pools, so you may not get to enjoy as much privacy as you would like. Since swimming is not all that you will be doing you need to make sure that there is plenty else to do. Find out whether there are nice locations to explore, to fish, farms to visit and so on. You should also leave tie in your schedule to visit local tourist attractions – there are several in the area.
You should also confirm whether or not the cottage you book is self-catering. Most are, and this means you prepare your own meals. This is especially beneficial if you are bringing family along as it saves you money that would otherwise be splurged on hotel meals. You also get to buy and prepare fresh farm produce – a break for your mind and body as well. Find out in advance whether you will need to bring your own car or whether there are nearby companies that you can rent from.
Wheatacre Hall Barns has cottages that have pools where you can enjoy privacy while having fun. They are fully equipped for a self catering holiday. Find out more on their website,