PR Firm

Creating a new product takes a lot of time and money – for most, it will be few years in the making and will require a few thousand pounds. Do you know, however, that a majority of new products never get to see the light of day? A lot of inventors – regardless of the industry – have no success with products that have the potential to revolutionize the way we do things becauseĀ  do not find the right PR firm to work with.
A PR firm is critical if you want your new product or invention to see the light of day. One of the most common reasons you will hear for the failure of new products is that the inventor found a PR company, but it turned out not o be the right one. There are many promotion companies out there, and if you want to be successful it is important that you identify one that can bring your invention to the forefront.
The best PR firm is one that has experience working with an invention like yours. They should be able to show you a track record of their success with similar products. This means that they have to have been around for a while – you should be looking at PR firms that have been in the market for at least 5 years – the longer the better.
Be careful because many PR companies prefer to spend their time promoting big brands. They will be quick to recruit you but when it comes to the actual work yours will be slow. Before you sig any contracts make sure that you have clear benchmarks, and there is a clause that protects you in case they are not met.
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