Sandblast Glass Designs

Sandblast glass designs are becoming commonplace in homes and as your renovate yours you may want to include it in your designs. Many people assume that glass etching and glass sandblasting are the same but they are rather different. Glass etching is a process that is done using a special kind of acid to give glass a frosted look. Glass sandblasting, while providing more or less the same effect, is achieved using a special kind of cream and it takes a shorter time to do.
Why should you consider sandblast glass designs for your home? Because it comes with several benefits. The first is that it allows privacy. If, for example, you have a living room or a kitchen that looks right into a neighbour’s property sandblasting the glass will ensure that even when your curtains are drawn open no one can see in – you will be able to enjoy natural light without worrying about peeping toms. You can also use it to demarcate rooms – you can, for example, split a large bedroom into two, allowing the occupant on each side to enjoy their privacy. It is also a common feature in bathrooms.
Another benefit of sandblasted glass is that it reduces the glare of light. This can be particularly useful for those whose homes are directly under street lamps, and in rooms where the glare of light can be too much at certain times of year.
Sandblast glass designs are endless – you can have yours done however you want. You can have simple, plain designs, or you can choose as intricate of a design as you like. Consider colours carefully as they will affect the quality of lighting in the room.
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