Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an excellent way to protect your floor or even hide one that is looking a little bit worn. When it comes to quality, colour, design and longevity they vary a great deal and because you want to get the most value from your money it is important to know how to choose the best carpet tiles. Here are some factors to take into account:
•    Do the carpet tiles come with a warranty? The best manufacturers make sure that their carpet tiles come with a reasonable guarantee that they will last a certain minimum duration so long as you take proper care of them. Read your warranty carefully – some can be voided for the smallest of reasons.
•    Make sure that you are buying your carpet tiles from a reliable vendor. Good manufacturers don’t put their tiles with just any vendor – they choose those that they know take customer care and quality seriously. It ensures that if there is a problem the vendor will help you work it out.
•    It is best to consider your decor before you go out and buy carpet tiles. You may come across some great colours and designs but when you consider them against the decor you have at home or in your office you will find that they are not a good match. If you are not sure what designs would work best you may want to consider the services of an interior designer.
•    It is beat to buy your carpet tiles from a vendor who can install them for you – it means you don’t have to go around looking for an installer. You will also get a warranty that covers the tile and the installation. The vendor should be able to dispose and safely dispose of any existing carpets.
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