Prestigious UK Boarding Schools

People will often agree when they’re discussing the United Kingdom’s best boarding schools. Many of these schools have been regarded as the best United Kingdom boarding schools for a very long period of time. Even people outside of the United Kingdom have heard of Eton College, which has been famous for a long time. Many of the most famous people in the history of the United Kingdom have attended Eton College. This is a school that has so much history behind it that it’s hard to imagine its rankings ever really changing.

Brighton College may not be as famous as Eton College, but it is still an incredibly well-regarded school and one of the best schools of its type. It should be noted that like many schools of its type, Brighton College is also a day school. People don’t have to limit themselves to going to this school for most of the year. Many of the students at Brighton College are day students.

Charterhouse School is another name that will get mentioned a lot when people are trying to get a sense of which boarding schools in the United Kingdom are truly the best. This is a school that goes back to the seventeenth century, demonstrating the power and the history behind it at this point in time. Many people will struggle to attend this school. Given the gorgeous architecture of many of the buildings, some people will actually just visit the Charterhouse School in order to take a look at the buildings. This is a school that actually attracts tourists as well as applicants, illustrating its cultural power.

People who go to Eton College, Brighton College, or Charterhouse School will have an easier time getting into other schools later on, and they will tend to stay connected to their friends at school for decades afterwards. There is no doubt about the fact that going to one of these schools can give kids a great start.