Boarding school UK

Is Boarding School Life in the UK Right for My Kid?

There are varied reasons why parents take their kids to schools in the UK.  Quality education, internationally-accepted certificates, cultural diversity, and security are some of the many reasons. It’s argued that boarding schools offer the kids an effective learning environment. But, is this perception justified? To answer this question, have a look at the following parameters:

  • The British School Calendar:Essentially, the boarding school UK calendar is divided into three terms (or trimesters). The first trimester begins in September while the second one starts in January. The last trimester kicks off in mid-April. This means that your kid will come home for the break at least three times a year.
  • School Uniform: Almost all boarding schools in the UK require the pupils to wear a uniform. However, there are a few exceptions.  Boys are expected to put on a shirt, a tie, and blazer while girls are expected to wear a blouse, a skirt and maybe a tie.
  • Type of Boarding School:  In essence, the type of boarding school that you take your kid depends on their gender and age. For example, if your kid is a boy and you don’t want him distracted by girls, you can take him to an all-boys boarding school UK. If the kid is a girl, you can take her to an all-girls boarding school. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind your child mixing with the opposite gender, then you can opt for the mixed boarding school. All these schools are divided into senior and junior schools. The former is for 9th graders and above while the latter is for kids below 8th grade.

With co-curricular provisions, care, catering, and security assured, there is no doubt that opting for a boarding school in the UK is a smart thing. You child gets all he or she needs to excel academically and spiritually.