Lawn mower training courses

Today, many people own lawn mowers for both domestic and commercial purposes. But, very few of them can maintain a good working condition for a few years. This is simply because, many mower owners lack adequate knowledge regarding the replacement and maintenance of its main parts: blade, air filter, and the spark plug.

Sharpening blades for a Time cutter
 Proper maintenance for your mower blades reduces shredding and tearing of grass. A good blade a well ensures a clean cut. Carefully remove the blade from the deck of the mower and secure the blade’s center to remove it minor dents. Make sure that all the mower’s sides are sharpened equally ensuring maximum results.
 How can you maintain your blades
A sharp blade of a lawn mower offers a clean, high quality and professional cut. In this case, you must first remove the mower deck to make the blade bolts loose and take them for service. During this practice, check the blades for damage or wear, sharpen or repair as well as sharpness as needed.
 Changing an air filter
The filters in your lawn mower prevent it from debris, dust and dirt from getting in the machine’s engine. Ensure that the air cleaner is clean to improve fuel efficiency and engine performance. If your mower’s filter has excessive wear and dirt, then you should replace it immediately to increase the airflow which has the direct effect on powering the mower.
 Is the spark plug in right state
A poor spark plug state leads to power performance of your lawn mower. If your lawn mower engine has a single cylinder, then it also has a single spark plug whereas in case it has two cylinders then it contains two spark plugs. By removing the spark plug, you can know if it’s in good working state or if the engine too is operating accordingly.
Do you wish to prolong the lifetime for your lawn mowing business prices? If yes, then you have all that is needed to maintain its essential part. By also following these maintenance precautions, you improve the efficiency of the machine.