Ice Cream Course Italy

Your dessert shop is struggling – although you have many treats on offer you don’t seem to have one that gives you an edge over your competitors. What if you could learn how to make ice cream and gelato like no one else in your town? If you book a trip to Bologna in Italy you can. It is home Gelato University, the only one of its kind in the world. Here, ice cream and gelato making courses are taught by real Italian masters – they have honed their craft for many years and hold multiple awards for their particular craft. They will give you step by step instructions on how to combine ingredients so that you can get the best gelato and ice cream flavours to wow your customers.
There are several different courses that you can take. Those who want to indulge their senses and learn the basics about ice cream making usually book day trips – they can visit the university for a few hours and see students and masters at work. They can also visit the museum and they get the opportunity to buy gelato and ice cream to take home.
Because you want to learn about ice cream and gelato making so that you can improve your business it is recommended that you book a longer course. There are courses that last a few days – you can enrol for a 3 day course to learn the basics of ice cream making after which you have the option to pay for an additional couple of days. The most serious students book courses that last a few months – by the time they live they can prepare ice cream for any five star restaurant.
Sapori Saperi is one of the best companies through which to book your ice cream making courses in Italy. Get in touch with them through to find out how to proceed.