Glass and Mirrors

Your remodelling project requires a lot of glass and mirrors and you know that you have to be careful and diligent to get what you want for the budget that you have in mind. Many homeowners, when it gets to purchase and installation of these items, usually let the contractor or interior designer handle everything. When they are finally presented with the final figures they are surprised at how much it cost. If you want to track what is happening with your glass and mirror project you should work closely with the contractor or interior decor expert so that you can keep track of what is going on.
The first thing you should do is decide on the kind of glass and mirrors you want and where they should be installed. Take glass for example; do you want interior glass doors, exterior glass doors or both? Would you like to have glass shower enclosures installed or just glass shower doors? As for mirrors, where in your home would you like them to be located and how big would you like them to be? Do you want coloured glass, frosted glass or clear glass? Would you like your glass and mirrors to be etched or not? It will cost you more so think carefully about this bit.
Once you have come up with a list of your needs your next step can be to find a local supplier near you who is reliable. Glass and mirror shops are to be found in every major in the UK and we have quite a few in Cambridge. You cannot afford to choose a vendor just because they assure you that they can do the job. You should look into their background to establish how many years of experience they have and also how professional they are. Look online to see whether there have been complaints levelled against them and how they have been dealt with.
Some homeowners choose to buy glass and mirrors from one vendor and then find a different company to do the installation. This is not a good way to go. For one, it will take longer to complete the project as you are working with two different suppliers. Second, if things go wrong, such a breakage you may not know who to hold responsible When you are shopping for a glass and mirror shop make sure that you find one that can sell you what you need, do installation and also maintenance in the coming years. They should have an airtight warranty – you are dealing with brittle material and there are bound to be problems.
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