Different Types of Sliding Interior Doors

Doors are one of the main components in a home that are likely to be changed while remodeling it. They can greatly affect the exterior as well as the interior design of the home. Though exterior doors are equally important for a home as interior doors but in this write up we are focusing more on different types of sliding interior doors.


Different types of sliding interior doors including SLIDING INTERIOR GLASS DOORS that are used at different locations in any household these days. Some of these sliding doors include:

POCKET SLIDING DOORS: These sliding interior glass doors are considered the best for those who do not like large doors or have small spaces. These doors are not operated on any hinges. When these doors are opened they slide into the pocket created in the adjoining wall of the room. They are easy to use and made from different types of materials including glass and wood etc.

BYPASS SLIDING DOORS: These sliding doors are normally used on washrooms or closets. They are the perfect choice for small spaces as they slide to one side when pushed to open. They can be installed and opened easily with the help of tracks on the bottom and top of the doors. These doors made of glass and/or wood are gaining popularity due to their affordable cost.

SLIDING FRENCH DOORS: French sliding doors are liked all over the world due to their specific design. These doors also have hinges to close and open still they are considered sliding doors as some of their panels are folded on hinges whereas some are slid to open the entire opening in the wall. These sliding interior glass doors are the best choice for you if you want to add versatility to your place without consuming a lot of space.

SLIDING BI-FOLD DOORS: These doors are divided into halves when opened but they save more space in your room as compared to hinged doors. These sliding doors can be installed easily to give an elegant look to your home. They can be installed on kitchens and closets but they do not save space effectively in your home.

ACCORDION DOORS: These are the cheapest sliding interior doors as when opened they fold and slide to one side like an accordion. They are available in various styles and colors to choose from. These sliding doors are hung, unlike other sliding interior glass doors. They can be installed easily to have a clean look through them. These doors are normally used when you want to cover several doors on a limited budget.

SHOJI DOORS: Educated people from different cultures and habits usually like these sliding doors throughout the world. Originally these doors are used in Japan to improve the aesthetics of their home. These doors are made from paper and wood and this is the main reason for their popularity. But glass panes are not used in these sliding doors.

Thus, you can choose SLIDING INTERIOR GLASS DOORs from the options discussed briefly in this write-up.