Attending a boarding schools in Britain requires a student to leave their home for some duration of time and reside within the school premises. Leaving your family behind to live with strangers poses a great challenge to students. In CCSS, students come far and beyond for studies. Interaction among students from different backgrounds and cultures is sensitive and must be approached with care to avoid conflicts.

CCSS is an excellent educational institute. It prides itself as among the top schools internationally. The institution provides a good learning atmosphere. The class sizes are small and students have personal tutors who are qualified. This guarantees academic success.  Students are at liberty to choose learning that suit their style and ambitions.

The boarding facilities are awesome. They make the students feel at home and comfortable. This is important as it ensures students have full concentration on studies. Most of the rooms are en suite. They also have superfast fibre broadband. Students are able to access the internet for their academic research and communication with family members who might be miles away. This reduces home sickness as communication enables them connect with their families any time they need.

Students are allowed into their rooms anytime. The staff members are available for assistance twenty four hours a day seven days a week. In case of any emergencies in the room, house managers are available. They are well trained and professional. Students know them at a personal level and confide in them on personal matters. Students are also allowed to personalize their rooms to their own taste.

There are many houses in the school. Scholars House provide collegiate environment making it popular for students of the age of 16 or 17+.St Barnabas House and The Stables are best suited or all ages as they offer  traditional boarding experience. Younger student of ages 15/1617 tend to relate to houses which have a family atmosphere. Batim House and Hope house are therefore suitable for the youngsters.

Due to diversity in culture, student gain massive knowledge about different culture and extracurricular activities. Friendship bond are formed and this makes the boarding experience a great platform for academic excellence.

Cambridge is a great city with many places to visit. Students are free to visit the open spaces and explore the wonderful big shops and entertainments. Going around the city will help the students familiarize themselves with the surrounding. This will make them feel more at home.