Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are often mistakenly identified as a place to send troubled kids that need more structure and discipline in their lives.  In fact boarding schools have developed such a reputation over the years that parents often threaten their misbehaving kids with being sent away to top independent boarding schools UK if they don’t straighten up.  The truth is that in the past boarding schools were much more disciplinarian and they were a place for kids that needed to be kept in check.  But those times are in the past.  Today boarding schools are no longer a place of punishment, instead they are a place of growing and learning.  At CCSS we believe that our boarding schools are the ideal environment for any young person looking for a way to take those first difficult steps into the real world.

College is a time when many young people begin to learn how the world works.  They learn from teachers, form friendships, and learn to be independent and self sufficient.  At least this is what happens in an ideal world.  In the real world many kids head off to college and are overwhelmed by it all.  The classes are harder than they experience in high school, and with Mom and Dad around to support them and keep them in line many kids flame out.  They crash and burn and before they know it they have thrown their life for a big loop.  All of the years of hard work and planning can go out the window with just a few weeks of inattention.  If you care about your child and want them to do well then as a parent your job is to prepare them for the changes in life that college will bring.

So how can you get your kids ready for college life? Well if you send them to boarding school with us at CCSS we can help.  Our dorms are meant to simulate a college type environment so that older teens can get an idea of what life will be like once they head off to college.  We view our dorms and boarding school program as a kind of trial run where kids can get a taste of college life while still living in a more structured environement.  Letting your kids grow up is hard, but as a parent you have to learn to do more than let go, you need to learn how to help your child to thrive.