Benefits of mobile glass whiteboard

Mobile glass whiteboard is a new type of product. it can wipe off the whiteboard’s ink with the water, and it is even more durable than traditional glass whiteboard. In addition, mobile glass whiteboard can be a multi-function because it has double sided, which means you can use one side for writing on the board, and then turn over to use the other side for viewing. It also has large LCD screen panel inside its frame which is used to display readings or notes while standing at these boards that are placed on lectures or in workshops”.

Benefits of mobile glass whiteboard

  1. Can wipe off the ink with water

If you display information on a traditional glass whiteboard, any information written on it would be erased if you forgot or want to erase something, but mobile glass whiteboard can wipe off the ink by using water.

  1. The double-sided function

Mobile glass whiteboard can be used as two types of devices: a writing board and an information dispenser. You only need to use one side of it for writing notes or transferring information, and then turn over the other side for displaying contents for the users to see. With this function, mobile glass whiteboard is more convenient than traditional ones.

  1. Easy to install and place

In the case of traditional glass whiteboard, if you want to place it in a workshop or lecture, you would need to prepare many whiteboards because of its weight. Mobile glass whiteboard is lighter, so you can easily carry it around while placing it in places. In addition, the double-sided function means that the mobile glass whiteboard can be placed on both sides of any platform.

  1. Wide screen and more interactive

Mobile glass whiteboard has LCD screen panels inside its frame which are used to display information for those who stand at these boards to see them clearly on their mobile phones or tablets. This function makes mobile glass whiteboards more interactive and pleasant for users.

  1. Reliable data storage and network connectivity

Mobile glass whiteboards can store a large amount of information, which makes it a very useful tool for workshops or lectures. With this function, mobile glass whiteboard is more reliable than traditional glass whiteboard. For example, it can be used as a database to record important information that cannot be forgotten and not easily changed. In addition, the mobile glass whiteboard has Wi-Fi connectivity, so the information stored can be transferred to other devices through the network.

  1. Manage and track data much easier

Mobile glass whiteboards have touch screens in its frame that are used to provide easy access to multiple functions such as logging in or changing current display modes. With this touch screen, it is a simple task to manage and track data because users can easily change the display modes or switch between screens. It also allows you to manage information or write notes easily.

  1. More secure and reliable than traditional glass whiteboard

Mobile glass whiteboard has fingerprint recognition system in its screen which allows only authorized people to operate the boards safely. In addition, mobile glass whiteboard can save valuable information safely because it has encryption system for saving important files on the memory of device, so there is no chance of losing data due to virus attack which sometimes happens with traditional glass whiteboards.