Air Conditioning Unit and Installation

How do you know that you have chosen the right AC installation company for your Cambridge home? Many homeowners don’t do their homework before they invite AC installers into their homes only to regret it later. A good AC unit will set you back thousands of pounds so it is only right that you have it installed by a professional. Here is what you should be looking for:
•    First and most important is expertise and training. There are certain courses that AC installers are required to undertake before they can get certified, so find out if the one you have in mind has received the proper training. They should also be able to display ample experience, with at least 10 years on the job.
•    There are some AC installers who send out their apprentices to the job. While this is a good way for the apprentice to learn, there is a good chance that your installation will not go smoothly – it will take longer than expected and there may be snafus along the way. Find an installer who does the job himself – he can bring along junior employees but he should supervise the work every step of the way.
•    A good installer is a member of a few professional associations. These are in place to ensure high standards of workmanship and conduct. If your work is not done properly you can complain to the associations and the installer will be blacklisted.
•    A good installer will also offer you a workmanship guarantee – if the work doesn’t hold he will come and repeat it free of charge.
Elliots is one such AC installer for Cambridge – they stock different types of AC systems and they do expert installation and maintenance work. You can get in touch with them through