Using Life Monitors To Assess Heat Stress Values in Personnel

In every risky job, for instance, the military and hazardous-prone industries, workers face serious heat stress complications which result in serious injuries. A majority of these injuries are avoidable if the supervisors manage to see the signs early. In the military, for example, the soldiers face the dangers of heat stress but many are afraid to be labelled “cowards” if they speak out.

The injuries interfere with their cognitive abilities, rendering them incapable of making rational decisions relating to their discipline. If only someone could watch them and detect their physiological changes when they face the unmanageable temperatures, then the sufferings would be avoided. Luckily, there is a heat stress monitoring system from Equivital called the Life Monitor that you can use.

How the Life Monitor Works

This equipment measures and records the core temperature of a person. Usually, the devices come with ingestible capsules that the workers can take to determine their core temperatures. The capsules possess minute radio transmitters that relay the temperatures values of the targeted individual to the monitor for analysis at a time interval of 15 seconds. The values are detected by the sensors of the Life Monitors. They are stored in the monitoring systems and thus available for future downloading.

This data is recorded in real time and the values have a precision of 0.010C. Basically, the temperatures are accurate. Alternatively, you can use supportive equipment from the company known as Black Ghost in place of the ingestible capsules. The device works as fine as the pills by relaying temperature algorithms to the monitor. The values are time-stamped and are used in the well-being assessment of the personnel.

Heat stress is serious in most workplaces and thus the need for the Life Monitors. These devices will help you to constantly check the behaviours of your staff and handle a danger when you detect one.