Tips on how to repair glass shower door

Handling shower glass door can be challenging and dangerous especially when the door is broken. Its repair can be a whole door or parts of the glass door. In most cases you find that it is part of a single piece hardware or pane of glass that will need replacement. Shower doors come in different shapes sizes and colours and are very beneficial part of your bathroom. Unlike curtains glass door will not mold or wear off quickly as compared to curtains. Majority of the shower door are made of a hard glass which is hard to break. However, when the door cracks or becomes loose or if its hinges or door handle become loose, repair is usually needed.

How much does it cost to repair the door?

Depending on the type and the degree of damage your door has; be it the whole glass door, handle, towel handle or track adjustment, the price will range between $50 and $700. A stuck shower door can permanently damage the whole glass door or if lucky some parts of the door if assumed for too long, it is therefore advisable to repair the damage immediately, ideally within that day. When doing the assessment of your door a sliding door that is not moving chances are that your track need adjustment. Adjusting the truck involves aligning the rollers by removing the door first. Dirt can build up over time and cause block the the rollers from sliding therefore wiping of the rollers and track is very key. If you have a broken glass door you need a more extensive repair or replacement depending on the degree of damage caused.

How to repair the sliding door

Repairing sliding door is possible to complete on your own, it can be costly and time-consuming without the proper knowledge and tools. That is why we encourage people to seek assistance to professional who are experts in that area. Some repairs are fairly not difficult and for those operations that do not require use of sophisticated tools such as adjusting truck or wiping the truck and rollers, follow the below instructions.

1. Look at the door rails to open the screws, usually the screws are normally located on the door or door frame. They are usually one or two screws so opening should not be difficult.

2. Remove the guide so that you can remove the shower door

3. Look close at the rollers, spin them and see if they are stuck or they can turn freely. If they get stuck wipe them with a rag and apply a lubricant.

4. Return the shower door back in place and ensure the door is rolling without any difficult.

Sometimes, rollers can be used for a long time and may be worn out and in such a situation, you will need to replace the rollers. You will need to buy a new one.


Without proper knowledge and the right tools, you may end up creating more damage or even injure yourself. That’s why we urge you to leave this type of work to professional who have adequate experience in this area. This will also ensure you save money and time.