Things to Know About Daikin Heat Pump

Whether you live in a rented apartment or in your own home, to live comfortably in your home you may need a Daikin heat pump especially when you live in a region with cold and freezing or a very humid environment. However, while choosing a perfect heat pump for your home, the question arises why to choose a heat pump made by Daikin, one of the most trusted manufacturer of air conditioning and heating units of New Zealand.
Source of sustainable heating
One of the main reasons to choose Daikin heat pumps is that they can be used on various types of sources of energy and combined with hybrid applications. Moreover, their efficiency is almost four times more as compared to the heating equipment traditionally used for this purpose.
Working of Daikin heat pumps
A Daikin heat pump transfers heat to control the temperature of a premise. There are three main parts that help a heat pump to perform effectively like an evaporator- an outdoor unit, a condenser- an indoor unit and the refrigerant. The refrigerant circulates between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit to transfer the heat.
The evaporator of a Daikin heat pump extracts heat energy from the source of renewable energy like water, air, solar or geothermal by compelling the liquid to be converted in the form of a gas. This gas is then compressed by the compressor which increases its temperatureThe heat generated by the gas is then exchanged by the condenser to the heating system and convert the gas back into a liquid.The pressure of the refrigerant is then lowered by the expansion valve which activates the evaporator to start the cycle again from the beginning.
In this way, a Daikin heat pump manages the temperature of your room. It can also cool down your room just by reversing the cycle.
Use of Daikin heat pumps as a source of renewable energy
Daikin heat pumps can be used with the sources of renewable energy like:
For ground Source they can be used for heating the water by using 20% electricity and 80%geothermal energy. It can be ideal to install in a home during renovations or constructing a new one.For Air-to-air they can be used for cooling and heating air by using 20% electricity and 80% geothermal energy. It can be ideal for green building and homes as a good replacement for traditional systems of electrical heating.