The Official AP Calc BC 2019 FRQS

On the AP calculus exam, students are required to answer FRQS. These questions are known as free-response questions. Students are required to take calculus at some point during their four years. Some students take it junior year while others take it senior year. This greatly differs depending upon the school system and their specific policies for students. Students that take the exam often seek services such as tutors and mentors to help them understand and memorize information that will be on the test. Star Tutors is a common service often used to help students excel on their exam. The service helps students to memorize and learn information they may be need assistance with. For example, calculus can be challenging if students are not up to date on the curriculum.

Star Tutors works with students in order to help them with the free-response question section of the exam. The free-response questions section, also known as the FRQS is used to helps students excel. There are many different types of questions on the exam. For example, some of the questions may require extended responses. Some of the most common tasks that student need to preform on the exam including graphs, multiplying, dividing and more. These are the basic and essential skills that are needed on a daily basis. Students are able to work directly with mentors and tutors through Star Tutors for virtual lessons.

The Ultimate Goal for Students on AP Calculus Exam

The ultimate goal is to receive a high score and rating on the AP calculus exam. The main reason for this is because colleges will be looking at these exams and evaluating students based upon their performance. When students begin applying to colleges, they will send over important and official test scores in order to help the administrators at the college evaluate if the student would be a good fit for the university.

For the reason it is important for students to seek the services they need in order to help them pass their exam easily. Passing the AP calculus exam does not need to be difficult, stressful or time-consuming. Star Tutors works consistently with students from different academic backgrounds to excel on each test during their semester. Students also receive prerecorded lessons that they can watch at any time they need assistance. This service is conveniently featured in Star Tutor’s program.