Some Helpful Tips to Help You Sell Children’s Vintage Clothing

Children’s clothing is one of the most popular segments in the vintage clothes industry. Many people find it difficult to buy or sell clothes for children, mostly because they can’t accurately and easily determine their value and authenticity.

Here are some tips to help you with this market.

First of All- Get A Gauge On What’s Selling Now

You can get a feel for what is selling in the children’s vintage clothing all over the world by looking at #kiddievintage on Instagram, hashtagged tweets about kids clothes on Twitter, and Etsy’s Kids Vintage category. These will give you a broad idea of what is in demand.

For example, if there are a lot of Pin-Up and Dresses/Skirts and very few Casual and Sweatshirts, then you should put an emphasis on dresses and skirts when buying for resale.

Second- Understand The Market And Age Group You’ll Be Dealing With

There are many buyers of vintage children’s clothes on Etsy, eBay, marketplaces, and through private sales. Many are looking for one-of-a-kind items for their own kids, while others search for older pieces that have a classic look which they will resell to customers who want the same old-school style.

A lot of vintage clothes sellers in the market for kids’ clothes are looking to resell them on Etsy and eBay, or at local markets where they can buy in bulk. These people may not be as discerning when it comes to condition, so don’t sell yourself short by undervaluing your item- even if it looks like a mess.

Third- Be Realistic When Assigning Value

If you want to sell clothes for children, keep in mind that people who buy and resell vintage clothing are not looking for pieces that can’t be worn or that need major repairs before they can be resold.

That being said, it is sometimes worth taking a risk on older children’s clothes because older pieces (with the proper care) can be worn for many years by multiple children.

People who resell vintage kids’ clothes are generally looking for personal-use items they can clean up and sell quickly or one-of-a-kind pieces they can make a decent amount of money off of. Children grow fast, so don’t price your items too high or you’ll lose a lot of sales.

Instead, look for children’s clothes that have a vintage look and could be worn by girls or boys alike. If it can pass as both, you’re in luck! Vintage children’s clothes were made with quality materials back then, so try to avoid pieces with stains or rips. If you want to sell children’s clothes that are more damaged, you can price them around $15-50 depending on the damage and age of the piece.

In summary, it is difficult to get a gauge on what’s selling in the children’s vintage clothing market. However, if you follow these tips and take your time when buying and selling pieces, you’ll be able to make steady sales that will boost your revenue. The key is to be realistic and know that you won’t be able to sell a lot of older pieces with major damage.