Hypnotherapy in the Nottingham Area

Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis to cure psychological, behavioural and physical disorders. Such disorders may include irritable bowel syndrome, self-esteem issues, trauma, insomnia, depression and anxiety among others. The most common disorders in patients are addictions, phobias, and stress and weight management. Hypnotherapists’ offices are not often the first place people in Nottingham go, but the growing popularity of hypnotherapy is not in question. Nottingham being a city in the UK has plenty of individuals suffering from such disorders. The general rate of success using hypnotherapy is about 65 percent, and people see it as an acceptable means of treatment.

There are many licensed hypnotherapists in Nottingham registered under the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH). Any patient willing to undergo hypnotherapy should ensure the hypnotherapist is licensed. In most cases there is an initial consultation fee where a hypnotherapist evaluates the person. The hypnotherapist the decided how deep the disorder is and estimates for how long the treatment may run. Based on this information, the hypnotherapists advises the patient on the number of sessions to attend per week and the session time is agreed. Most sessions run for one hour depending on the disorder being treated. The charges per session may vary from £80 to £250 depending on the hypnotherapist. Most issues only require one or two sessions to be cured while more deep-seated issues may require anywhere from five to ten sessions.

Most hypnotherapists have websites and on there are listed all the conditions the hypnotherapist feels competent in treating. Some patients are more prone to suggestions and may find their disorders heal faster than others. All hypnotherapists in Nottingham maintain client confidentiality based on ethical codes outlined by the NCH. Hypnotherapists in Nottingham are some of the best in the country and use some techniques such as Neuro Lingual Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to ensure patients’ disorders completely disappear.

There are also hypnotherapy courses offered in Nottingham. These are some of the most comprehensive and advanced hypnotherapy courses in the UK. For a person to become a hypnotherapy practitioner, theoretical and practical classes have to be taken. The average time for such courses is ten weeks. The coursework amounts to about five hundred hours of study. Some hypnotherapists may be psychology graduates from university looking to add another weapon to their arsenal. The latter often have a shorter training period.

Given the nature of life in the modern world, hypnotherapy practice will continue growing in Nottingham.