Homes for Sale Norfolk

You think you have found a home for sale in Norfolk that would be perfect for you and you even have the financing in place – should you go ahead and close the deal? Many people make this mistake – as soon as they locate a home and have their mortgage organized they sign papers only to realize too late that they made a mistake. Before you go ahead and close one of the most important deals of your life it is important to make sure that you have done all necessary due diligence. While everything may look like it is in perfect condition, you may move in only to find that you have to pay for lots of repairs and installations out of pocket. Here are a few things to look out for:
•    Make sure that the roof is in good condition. The roof is the most expensive installation in any home and if you buy a home with a less than stellar roof you will soon have to fork out tens of thousands of pounds to have it replaced. Find out when the current roof was installed, what kind of guarantee it has and whether any repairs have been done to date.
•    Look into the flooring too. It doesn’t matter how nice a home looks – if the floor is in shambles everything else looks bad. Make sure that the flooring in every room is worth whatever you are paying for the home. If there are areas that are worn out talk to the seller – it is better for them to replace it and you to pay a little more for the property than for you to move in and start doing floor repairs.
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