Creating Online Music Marketing Plan That Rocks

Whether you are a new artist or an established band, there is one that you will have to do to take your musical career to the next level: marketing. Like in any other industry, you need to have a goal or purpose: marketing your music effectively is not simply posting your new track on Facebook or twitter.

Define Your Audience

Strive to identify where your fans hang out, and know how to effectively communicate with them. Most importantly, know how you can add value to your fans so as to retain them and make them happy.

Analyze Your Market

You need to understand what’s happening in your local music industry and within your music genre globally. This will help you identify where you fit in and what value you can provide to your fans

Set Goals

Set actionable goals that are not only measurable but also timed. This will ensure that you are not just aimlessly marketing without establishing how successful you are.

Create an Action Plan

Strive to establish how you are going to approach every strategy going forward. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, map out your action calendar one quarter at a time. This will save you from having to spend time on a 6 months or 1 year plan when things can actually change very fast.

Create a Budget

Taking your musical career seriously is similar to starting a business in any other industry. You need to invest in it for it to grow. Go through your action plan and determine the cost of all items that you will need-in terms of money and time.


While it may appear like a lot of work, the efforts you put in creating an actionable, measurable, and realistic online music marketing plan will save you lots of money, time, and stress later on.