Cambridge Sixth Form Colleges

Cambridge is an excellent location for your child to get a 6th form education – it doesn’t have the hassle and bustle of a big city, and there are several excellent schools there. It is however important to exercise some discretion when choosing – you don’t want your child to end up in a school where their needs are not met. Academic performance is the most important factor to take into account – unless your child is a genius you want them to be in an environment where excellence is encouraged and nurtured.
You want your child to be comfortable, so you should look into boarding conditions. The schools that have the most comfortable dormitories are usually the ones that accommodate international students so you should try and enrol your child in one. In fact, these schools are great because by meeting students from different countries your child can learn about other cultures, and also make connections that may prove very useful later in life. Make sure that the school provides proper pastoral care – your child will be away from home, and you want them to have proper emotional and psychological support.
Academics are important, but it is also necessary for your child to take part in extracurricular activities. When shopping for a school focus on those that offer activities that he or she is interested in – it will make it easier for them to adjust and make friends. They should enjoy a few field trips every term so that they can learn about art and culture. Find out whether the cost of these trips is included in the fees, or whether you have to pay for them separately.
One school that many people turn to is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. It offers a wide array of subjects as well as excellent boarding quarters. You can find out how to enrol your child on their website,