BlueLizard (Freelance PR Agency)

Are you looking for an established freelance PR agency? Blue Lizard Marketing could offer a solution to all PR your needs. It’s an established company which will give you support in creating a fantastic public relations. With appropriate strategies and several projects, your company is capable of gaining the proper PR. Blue Lizard Marketing (BLM) has a group of experienced personnel who help in offering quality services. What can any business gain from our Freelance PR agency to build its reputation?
Public Relations.
Our knowledge of how media works enable us to give amazing stories. We help businesses create positive stories and enhance their relationships with different journalists. We also promote your brand with top influencers who can help build your company’s reputation positively.
Some of the PR services we offer are;
– Creating PR strategies.
– Preparing press releases.
– Media relations.
– Feature writing.
– Writing awards entries.
We can also help you in carrying out research or case studies, develop bespoke events, and lead in influencer engagement.
Reputation Management.
Creating the reputation of a business is a very crucial part of PR strategy making. Positive reputation guarantees that any communication you make has the same consistent line.Our skill set enables us to help you in creating a crisis communication plan and strategy. The program is usually unique for each business. However, we hope to build a good reputation with no crisis. You need to be prepared for an emergency crisis for you to navigate through with ease.
Event Management.
Are you looking for events which may help you build your reputation and profile? Our team is qualified in picking out the best activities for you to attend, which will help you. Also, we can organize your events and guarantee success.
BLM holds frequent events and seminars which you can join. An example is the “Starting in Business” seminar held in conjunction with a Cambridge-based company. Its an appropriate set-up for startups where you can interact with different local businesses as you learn.
SEO can be vital in your PR-campaigns if integrated with link-building. We research and write quality SEO content, which will help in creating a buzz about your business. We help by offering SEO content strategy, keyword research, blog post writing, and website copy. If you have complex SEO projects, you can contact us to get the best services and also advice from our crew.
Social Media.
Do you want to be present in social media, but you don’t know which site to be on? Our expertise allows us to take you through the social media strategy. We can pick the appropriate social media platform for your business. We ensure the platform integrates well with your communication plan.
We help by setting up your account, account management, building followers, and also engaging your followers. Our team also helps by creating appropriate content for your platforms and carry out an analysis.
Content Creation.
Our freelance PR agency will help create content that can build your brand’s reputation. Your content helps by communicating with your audience. We create content which is easy and straightforward to understand for anyone. Our team is also capable of creating different forms of content for your potential customers. The content can be posted on guest blogs, your website, or sent to clients through email marketing.