best boarding schools in uk

5 Popular Boarding Provisions for the Best Schools in the UK

A boarding school is designed to offer your kid the best conditions, closer to the home experience. In the UK, the boarding schools record improved registrations every year. Much of the improvement is due to the quality of education and co-curricular services offered in these schools. Your kid needs to be in safer and qualified hands to graduate successfully. Essentially, there are five options to consider in the best boarding schools in the UK,and they include:

1.      Preparatory Boarding Schools

The prep schools are meant for kids between the ages of 7 and 13. The pupil gets prepared for the senior boarding experience in the prep schools. With this option, your little one gets accustomed to the boarding life easily.

2.      Single-sex Boarding Schools

There are separate boarding schools for boys and girls, and they are known to offer traditional and value-based education. If you want your kids to study away from the opposite sex distractions, this option is ideal.

3.      Co-education Boarding Schools

These schools are popularly known as mixed schools as they are attended by both boys and girls. They are convenient for the older kids–13 years and above. They are popular because they redefine education, and this means that your kid can co-exist with the opposite sex.

4.      Summer Boarding Schools

These boarding schools are for students who want to attend shorter courses during the summer break. The experience is interactive, especially for the international students.

5.      International Boarding Study Centres

The non-English speakers get to enjoy the boarding experience in the UK through the international study centres. The centres prepare your kid for the mainstream boarding life.

Regardless of age and gender, there are boarding options for your kid in the UK. The schools guarantee world-class education and extra-curricular provisions for your kid. In the long run, the schools make your child self-reliant and self-driven.