Band Promotion

Your band has been making music in your garage for years now, and you think it’s finally time that others got to hear it. Breaking into the market as a new band is not easy, so you should expect a bit of rough going before you make it to the top. You have to be razor focussed, and that includes making sure that you are surrounded by the right people. The first step is to get a few demo tapes out to the right places – you can send one to your local radio station, another to a music manager and anyone else who you think can get you publicity.
Some of these people may ask you to pay them before they can play your tapes. That isn’t quite the way it works – music is like books; people get paid after it sells. If you meet a manager or agent who is asking for an upfront payment they will likely take your money and run.
It is very important to hire a good promotional company that can help you get your music out to the masses. There are many companies that claim to promote artists, but you have to identify one that has a track record for getting results. You should find out how long they have been in business and how many artists they have helped in that time. How many of them do you know? Find out if they have any experience with your particular genre – the fact that they can promote certain types of music doesn’t necessarily mean they can do the same for you.
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