Anemometer range

Are you looking for an anemometer that can show both speed and temperature at the same time? Then, you should only look at the high temperature anemometer, which has been designed to give you both options that can be displayed simultaneously. This anemometer is in great demand because it offers a memory function for the maximum number of separate measurement data. One of the distinguishing features of this anemometer is that it provides an improved response time by adding a secondary temperature compensation circuit. In addition, it has a built-in serial port for connection to your PC. It has a probe compatibility function that allows you to easily replace the probe.

The multi-channel hot wire anemometer is designed to provide powerful flow measurements. Provides real-time speed and temperature measurements. It is not necessary for the user to constantly make adjustments to their frequency response. It provides excellent performance even as the probes, probe holder and sensor types change. This multichannel hot cable can be operated with a variety of commercially available probes and geometries.

The multichannel hot wire anemometer allows measuring speed and turbulence with single or multiple sensors in isothermal and non-isothermal flow. It provides an accurate measurement of one, two and three speed components. It can measure fast speed and temperature fluctuations. This anemometer can also measure very low turbulence intensities. It is also used to measure high speed compressible turbulent flows. The stability of the circuit is independent of the length of the probe cable. One of the unique features of this hot wire anemometer is that it can deliver a long probe length without degrading the frequency response. It has a highly sensitive function and a very low noise circuit.

The high temperature anemometer is very reliable because it consists of components that pass an integral burn test. It is very strong and reliable in nature. It has a scroll indicator selected by the user and an easy-to-use menu. It uses a high capacity battery and is available with a charger. It is used for various applications, such as combustion air velocity and flow calibrations, air flow measurements and pipe velocity, etc. It has a high data memory so you can record measurements easily. This anemometer is designed to meet EMI emission requirements. It is able to respond quickly to changes in speed and temperature. It can measure temperature and speed ranges with maximum precision. It has a 20-key keyboard and uses digital time constants for each meter.

The high temperature anemometer uses digital time constants selected for each counter. It uses high performance nickel-metal hydride batteries. In addition, it is available with a battery charger, so you always get the best performance. It offers you a high data memory for recording routes and other measurements. It obtains high precision over a wide range of speed and temperature. It is also resistant to dirt and meets the Community requirements for EMI emissions and immunity.

This anemometer is used for various applications. These applications include: general-purpose air flow measurements, combustion air velocity and flow calibrations, duct velocity paths, piles and pipes, and finally for research and development purposes.